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  1. The difference between indexed tariff and fixed tariff?

    Many of you ask us, which is the best option: indexed tariff or fixed tariff? Well, with the indexed tariff, the price of electricity is variable. It depends on the prices at which the energy has been negotiated on the electricity market. For this reason, the trading margins on this tariff are very small. The customer can therefore benefit from a tariff in which they pay for electricity at the real market price.  On the other hand, the fixed tariff assures that the price of energy on your electricity bill will remain the same throughout the annual contract term.

    So, which tariff is best for me? Well, we believe it depends on each customer. If you always keep an eye on how market prices are evolving, if you know when is the best time to sign up and if you know when the permanence on your electricity contract ends, your best option is the fixed tariff. However, if you don’t want to have to worry about your electricity contract, and want peace of mind knowing that you will always get a good price for the energy you consume, without any permanence clauses, then your best bet is the indexed tariff.

  2. Will it cost anything to change my supplier to CYE Energía?

    No, it won’t cost you anything. The cost of changing energy companies to CYE Energía is zero. What’s more, changing to CYE Energía will most likely create savings on your electricity bill thanks to our tariffs with no extra costs or added services.

  3. Is there a permanence commitment?

    At CYE Energía we have confidence in our service, and that’s why we offer all our indexed tariff contracts without any permanence clauses. However, with fixed tariff contracts, in guaranteeing the price of energy for the entire term of the contract, we require the customer to stay for 1 year.

  4. Can I go back to my old company?

    Yes, you can sign up with the company you previously dealt with or with any other company, any time you want. Additionally, if you are on an indexed tariff with us, you can change energy companies without any penalty.

  5. Who will read my electric meter?

    The company in charge of meter readings is the distribution company. In other words, the meter reading will continue to be carried out by the distribution company in the area where the supply is located, regardless of the energy company which supplies you the electricity.

  6. Will I have to keep paying anything to my previous company?

    No, once you have signed up with CYE Energía you will not have to continue any payments to your previous company. You will only have to pay your previous supplier one final invoice for the days that have elapsed from the date of the last electricity bill to the date on which we confirm that the change of supplier has been made.

  7. What is the minimum amount that I will pay on my bill if I have not consumed anything?

    If you have a supply point with no consumption, you will only have to pay the standing charge for the power you have contracted and the lease of the meter if it is owned by the distribution company.

  8. What will I be paying on my electricity bill?

    At CYE Energía we do not charge for any additional services on our electricity bills. Therefore, on your CYE Energía bill you will only pay regulatory costs, which are:

    • Power charge: Amount payable for the power you have contracted (this is a cost independent of electricity consumption).
    • Energy charge: Amount payable for the energy consumed at the price of the tariff you have contracted with us.
    • Electricity tax.
    • Lease of metering equipment: If the meter is owned by the distribution company.
    • VAT.

  9. Is it more expensive to contract renewable energy?

    No, if your contract is with CYE Energía, you will not pay more for the energy provided being renewable. The price you pay on your bill will be the price established in the tariff you have contracted. Not one euro more. As well as carrying out its selling activities, CYE Energía also represents Special Regime producers within the electricity market. This means we can guarantee that 100% of the energy that we supply to our customers comes from renewable sources.

  10. What do I need to do to get the best offer from CYE Energía?

    In order to sign up with us, we just need the data from your supply point (which appears on any electricity bill from your previous company), then you need to select the tariff that best suits you. To help you with this, we can guide you and advise you on the tariffs we offer, and we’ll suggest the one that best corresponds to your consumption habits.

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