Sign up to an electricity company that provides 100% sustainable energy and offers you the fairest tariff for your home or business.

We believe in a sustainable electricity generation model, offering you energy at the best price. We advise you on your consumption and we propose comprehensive energy-saving measures, including self-supply solutions.
Our clients are our priority, so transparency and clarity are the basic principles that we apply to all our services.

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4000Clientes satisfechos

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120Gwh verdes entregados

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46200Ton. CO2 ahorrado

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

We are different. Over the course of our journey we realised that there is another way of doing things. At CYE, we guarantee our customers a comprehensive and efficient service. We work on a personal level, professionally and ethically. We are experts with proven experience.



We begin our activities

We begin our activities as Ensoval, a company specialised in creating renewable energy installations.


Expansion into Italy

We begin our expansion outside Spain, creating the Italian subsidiary ENSOVAL ITALIA.


CYE Energía is born

With this, we complete the introduction of the group into the energy sector, focusing on the representation of plants working under the Special Regime and the commercialisation of electrical energy.



Strengthened thanks to our knowledge and ability to work with any type of product, unlike traditional sellers.

Call us on 900 902 788 and benefit from GREEN HONEST NO COMMITMENT energy


We take care of all the necessary procedures


We are honest people and are eager to be your energy advisers

No permanence contracts

You have total freedom and won’t be charged for any additional services

… and 100% green

Like you, we care about the sustainability our planet

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